Why You Should Choose Sports Club Blazers?

striped blazer

The blazer is often seen as a smart, ordered and official looking garment, worn often as workwear in an office or bank, or as part of a school uniform.  In sport, where you might expect only informal, loose and less fitted attire, blazers are also used as club clothing.  The blazer can be seen worn by cricket teams, in rugby, and by competitive rowing clubs.

Here at Club Colours, we can provide our bespoke blazers for any of the above clients, also including corporate customers.  However, we are best known for our sport wear that we provide to men and women’s sports clubs all around the world.  We are proud of the choice of high-quality designs and clothing we have available for each of our customers.

If you are a member of a club, or play in any sports team, you may be wondering should you look into purchasing our Club Colours blazers as part of the team uniform.  Yes, we believe you should! And here is why:

  1. It provides a sense of occasion

When your team are on the field or out competing in any sport, a sense of camaraderie is built up as you all strive towards an end goal.  To help increase this sense of teamwork, and so that others can cheer you on, sportswear, in the form of shirts, shorts and so forth, are often bought in a colour and design that identifies you, not only with your fellow team members, but with the club itself.  You can proudly wear these team clothes, and it can increase in you the desire to work together to win or score well.

When the actual sport/game/competition is over, however, and the sports clothing is put in the wash, you may still want to keep that sense of belonging while you celebrate and enjoy your efforts along with your team.  Having formal club blazers to wear while having your photo taken, attending club meetings and parties, and when you are excepting awards and trophies can also unite all of you together with each other, the club, and its supporters.

  1. It encourages confidence

For many generations, cricket blazers have been worn to official sporting events.  If your club is to be taken seriously by your competitors, and your team is to have the confidence to compete, then a club blazer says you are officially a cricket team and a cricket player.

Likewise, having a full uniform when competing against any other clubs in any other sports, will inspire confidence in each of your team members, that you believe in them, and they should believe in themselves.

  1. It identifies your team

With the huge choice of designs of stripped blazers to choose from, along with our bespoke service, you can pick out the blazers that best suit you and your team.  You can even choose a plain coloured blazer if that is what you prefer.  No matter what colours identify the place your team plays in or for, the colours that represent the history of your team, or even what colours you like the most, we can make it happen for you.

We also help you to design and create your own team logo that can be placed proudly on the breast blazer pocket to really seal the affiliation of each member.

  1. They are fun and look great!

The stripped blazers look brilliant, especially when posing for a club photograph.  At times, people associate traditional sportswear with serious and formal occasions, but the colour and team spirit that a well-designed blazer brings, makes any event even more celebratory and happy.

If you are interested in us providing you with a supply of bespoke blazers, please get in touch today.  We would be more than happy to help.