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Club Colours have an extensive range of Corporate & Team clothing.
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The function of teamwear apparel may be a practical one, but it also has important psychological value, whether you require bespoke teamwear sports apparel, or corporate clothing. The first and most practical reason for teamwear when playing sports is that spectators will be able to your easily distinguish your team from your opponents, but this also further creates a sense of identity, not only for the team, but also for any fans watching. By adding names to each custom design, you will also be able to identify individual players.

Having teamwear apparel for both sports and corporate environments also encourages the unity of the team, enhancing performance of each individual, as well as the whole of the team effort. Fostering a sense of belonging, the team identity creates a sense of importance, as well as highlighting. sense of equality, whereby each team member is equally important to the group.

At Club Colours, we provide a wide array of custom teamwear and custom corporate clothing, which can be used with your own team or company logo or design so that team members and players can wear their own customised pieces of clothing. We offer over 200 items of clothing to choose from when creating your corporate clothing. We cover everything from casual team socials, where you may choose for members of the team to wear a personalised cap, to more formal attire, such as our range of blazers, in a classic striped colour design. Aside from these stand-out pieces, we also supply cricket shirts and jumpers and custom ties. Whatever your needs, we have many years of experience in the designing and manufacturing items of clothing tailored to your specifications.

Here at Club Colours, we supply our teamwear apparel and corporate clothing to customers across the UK from our base in Ipswich. Get in touch today to enquire about your custom teamwear.




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