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Club Colours Have A Wide Range Of Caps And Hats That Are Individually Made From Melton Material To Customers Specification.
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Price Guide:

Prices start from £24.45 each.
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Here at Club Colours, we are passionate about providing the right attire for team sports, from top to toe. We believe that sports uniforms foster a sense of team spirit and a sense of belonging. As part of our range of sportswear, we can offer clubs and sports fans two main styles of caps, with prices starting at £24.45 each. These caps include baggy caps, and baseball caps.


Since the beginning of the twentieth century, baggy caps have been worn by cricketers, becoming a well-known symbol of the sport.  Harking back to this tradition, such hats offer both a practical purpose, and an aesthetic that forms part of the culture of cricket. To be part of the team involves certain rituals and traditions, with cap-wearing forming part of this. As the name suggests, this item is distinguished from other caps due to its baggy look.


Alternatively, turning our attention to baseball as a sport, these caps are one of the more popular items; worn by sportspeople as well as sports fans, and even just worn as a fashion product. Again, they provide a practical purpose, with their stiff bill projecting out to offer the wear’s eyes protection from the sun when playing sports. They are not only used to show you are part of a specific team, but they may also be worn to declare support of a particular team.


At Club Colours, you can purchase custom caps with the logo of your favourite baseball team, as well as design you own for your own local sports club through our online service. We also have a team of experts who can help you create your own custom caps, employing the designer to work their magic, following your specifications.


Our bespoke cap creation service can include embroidered logos, which are sure to stand out for their quality and uniqueness. You can choose your colours and design your own logo for your sports team, and we will create your custom caps in bulk, providing you with all the sizes you require.


For more information about our custom caps service, please feel free to get in touch with our dedicated team by completing our online contact form, or emailing us at You can also contact us by phone on +44 1473 231378 in order to speak to a member of staff directly. We will be happy to help you with your custom cap order in any way we can.

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