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Club Colours are one of the leading specialists in designing and supplying high quality club ties and society ties.
Striped Ties

“A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life.” – Oscar Wilde

No gentleman’s formal outfit can be truly complete without a well-chosen necktie.  While ties themselves have gone through many incarnations over the centuries in width, pattern, fabric, and style of knot, their presence has long been demanded in polite society of many cultures as a basic display of respect.

The first recorded fashion for neckwear was in 17th century France, where the nobility imitated neckerchiefs sported by Croatian mercenaries who came to Paris to fight for the King.  Since then, matching neckties have gone on to identify members of clubs, teams and organizations of all kinds, featuring in the uniforms of sports teams, educational establishments, corporate companies, and military and civil institutions.

We have been producing sports club ties as well as other club apparel since 1879.  At Club Colours, we have the facilities to produce custom club ties of all designs for any application.  You can order your club ties online or you can create a bespoke club tie in your own choice of colours.  Either way, if you have a club motif, we can weave it on to your choice of tie.

We provide club ties UK wide as well as providing to a number of clubs overseas, such as cricket clubs and universities.

Establishments that use uniform and club clothing to represent their unity and purpose have been around for centuries can use their chosen club wear to represent what they stand for and where they belong.  For that reason, it is often an important step in the development and progress of any club or team.