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Striped Blazers
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Ladies in Blue and White striped blazers
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Club Blazers have long been associated with grumpy old men standing at a bar at the rugby club – however this is now not the case. To be seen wearing a club blazer is ‘cool’, and the louder and more outrageous the better!
Group photo in striped blazers

Nowadays, blazers are worn beyond the confines of the office or classroom. They were made particularly fashion items during the 1960s and ‘70s, and since the turn of the millennium have been considered a wardrobe staple for men and women alike.

Here at Club Colours, we aim to supply distinctive striped blazers for various clubs, societies and associations, so whether you want a rugby blazer, cricket blazer, or rowing blazers, look no further. We supply both club blazers for men as well as ladies club blazers. If you’re looking for club blazers that don’t compromise on quality, we offer two different types of bespoke blazers at great prices.

Based in the UK, our bespoke blazers can be made in any colour combination, so if you have specific colours associated with your society or club, we can design these and customise them with your club logo or emblem, which would feature on the breast pocket. It’s also possible to customise your blazer jacket lining, making no two orders the same.

Wool/cotton woven striped:

Our wool and cotton woven striped blazers are made in the UK, and as they are completely bespoke items they will be manufactured and deliver within 14 weeks of receiving your order and deposit, with some orders carrying additional delivery charges.
Delivery circa 14 weeks from receipt of deposit.
Some orders will be subject to delivery charges.

Polyester/cotton striped:

Our polyester and cotton striped blazers are made from a fine herringbone woven polyester as well as the cotton and are a less expensive off-the-shelf option, which is still possible to personalise with your club emblem or logo. These blazers are delivered within just 8 weeks, so simply email us for a quote if you’re thinking about placing a large order.
Delivery circa 8 weeks from receipt of deposit.
Some orders will be subject to delivery charges.
For larger quantities please email for a quote.

If you decide you would like an embroidered crest on the breast pocket, this costs an extra £4.95 (plus VAT) per blazer, and the one-off origination and setting up cost of the disc at £25 (plus VAT).

We aim to work as efficiently as possible to get your item to you, but as all blazers are made to order, please allow up to 42 days for delivery. Get in touch for a quote and an estimated delivery date today.


Club Colours also produce a number of Waistcoats for Clubs and societies these are fully bespoke made exactly to your own design and can feature an embroidered club logo or emblem to personalise your Waistcoat further.

Getting the Best fit out of your Club Colours Blazer

Rugby Six Nations International Blazers

In anticipation of the Six Nations taking place in February 2020, we have introduced our range of International blazers.

From £155 per blazer, please get in touch via the Contact Page to order yours now.

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