The Importance of Brand Identity in Sports

Red and white striped blazers

When it comes to your sport, you may consider the idea of marketing as something that has no place in the game.  However, even on a personal level having an identity can make a difference to your success as a person.  When people know what you stand for, and sit up and take notice of you, they are more likely to place better opportunities at your door.  So, how much more so can personalised sports club clothing, that sets a clear brand identity, make you recognisable and stand out from the crowd.  If you want people to take you seriously and generate interest in your games and team, then having custom teamwear that makes you look confident and serious about your sport is definitely a powerful way to build up your reputation and following.

Some of the leading leagues around the world are starting to recognise how important sports branding is in helping them achieve a public image and identity with bespoke team wear sports apparel.  Just think of the many advertising strategies that make a service more popular when you have recognisable logos and colours that are associated with it

Sports team branding has many benefits.  Here are just some:

  • Having a Fan Base

Often, one of the main joys of having a league or athletic team of any kind is sharing the game with others and all feeling the support of others and each other to reach out and achieve the best you can accomplish.  This gives all players and athletes the incentive to keep going and aim for higher and better goals.  The more recognisable you are, the bigger the fan base you encourage to follow you.  Fans like to feel part of the effort, part of the identity of the team they wish to support.  When your team looks confident and dependable, then your fans are more likely to follow you and cheer you on.  Fans will not follow anyone that does not have something that they stand for.  A brand identity gives you a character.

  • Sponsorship

When your fans increase, then sponsorship will surely follow.  In turn, sponsorship makes you even more identifiable, and they bring in the funds to make it possible for you to achieve more in your sport.  Better equipment, and venues, as well as travelling, can help increase the skills and abilities of your club, as you meet with other teams and athletes to compete with, or more prestigious courses and tracks, for those engaged in sports like motor racing, or track athletics.

A sponsor will want a team that is as easily recognisable as their own branding when fans and onlookers will then associate their service with your team.  If your sports team branding is weak and blends in with the crowd, any potential sponsor will likely look elsewhere, as this will not increase their brand recognition.

  • Increased Confidence

If you are a confident team, then personalised sports club clothing will say it.  If you look confident, then people will take you seriously, and then your confidence, and the confidence of your team will increase.  Having something you stand for, creates a character.  Having a character means you stand for something.  For example, if your team is named after the place you come from, then your brand identity will proudly say it for you.

Here at Club Colours, we can help you with getting your team and name known.  Our services go far beyond just making clothing for your team.  Our custom-made club apparel can help you with your brand identity, and marketing strategies, so your team has all the camaraderie, support and following it deserves!

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