Blazers – On a Mission for Tradition

Other than military uniforms, few garments can boast such heritage and traditional significance as the blazer jacket, and at Club Colours, we supply some of the best.  Let’s learn more about what blazers represent, and how it came to be this way.

There are two different accounts regarding how the term ‘blazer’ came to be used for these colourful uniform-type jackets, and while the two proposed origins are very different, they are both based in the same cultural and historical setting, and both involve boats.  The first report is that members of a Cambridge college rowing club wore bright red jackets, which were nicknamed ‘blazers’.  The second asserts that the crew of the Royal Navy vessel HMS Blazer wore a uniform which included striped jackets.

What is not in debate is the social climate from which the garment emerged.  British culture in the 19th century was acutely concerned with class, fashion and fraternity.  Therefore, the adoption of smart jackets as a uniform by either of the groups mentioned above could quickly have sparked a trend among other crews, which would then pass on to other types of clubs and organisations.

While there is a long history of groups of people identifying themselves by wearing hats, neckties or footwear, it is especially appropriate that such a formal item of clothing should be used in this manner by British establishments.  Both Britain’s Navy and her seats of education were, at the time, undisputed world leaders, and the fashion was widely copied.  Wherever in the world you may find club blazers Uk organisations led the way!

Whether it was naval or rowing blazers which started the fashion, the look quickly became popular, and soon among any organisations with club jackets blazers were the style to have.  Other sports teams were quick to issue their own bespoke blazers for players and members.  Some clubs opted for solid colours or other patterns, but it was the striped blazer which really caught the public imagination, as it made best use of the club’s colours and meant members of various teams could be easily identified at tournaments and gatherings.

When it comes to wearing their bespoke blazers Uk sports communities have differing conventions.  A cricket blazer can be worn in the pavilion, on the bench, or even on the pitch for the coin toss.  A rugby blazer, on the other hand, is rarely seen other than at club dinners or at the bar.  But in any of these surroundings, the sense of community players and associates derive from wearing their club blazers make them an indispensable part of membership.

And while the crews who started the tradition may have been made up exclusively of men, these days we do a brisk trade in ladies club blazers too, as clubs become ever more inclusive.  Order matching club blazers for men and women to make everyone feel included in your team.  Club Colours blazers can be made to any design, so contact us to explore the possibilities, or to enquire about buying cheap club blazers as part of a bulk order.

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