Club Blazers For Formal Occasions

In a world which is increasingly concerned with identity and societal association, uniforms and dress codes play an important role in expressing oneself, both within social circles and to the world in general.  One of the most formal ways for a club, society or association to identify themselves is by means of colour-coded clothing which is specifically designed for their activity, such as cricket shirts or teamwear.  But for formal occasions – club meetings, award ceremonies, or after-the-match parties – only a blazer will do.

Blazers are the standard dress code for teams, corporate companies and other organizations when travelling together or otherwise representing their organization, and Club Colours blazers are among the best available.  Wearing club blazers not only fosters camaraderie within your team, it also sends a message of strength and solidarity to those looking on, be they members of other teams or the general public.  By commissioning corporate bespoke blazers UK companies can demonstrate their professionalism and commitment to their staff and clients.  Dressing smartly sends out the message that you mean business, and is a great way to mentally prepare yourself for an important event or competition.  At one time they may have fallen from favour, but now in the form of club jackets blazers are back and they’re here to stay.

Club Colours have been making bespoke team wear for clubs and organizations of all kinds for over a century, and thanks to our club blazers UK organizations have proudly represented their nation and cause all around the world.  Over the years we have produced high quality bespoke blazers for a vast range of customers, including:

Rowing Blazers

The bold, brightly coloured striped blazer which is popular among all kinds of sports teams largely started with boating clubs during the Victorian era.  Back then, club blazers for men with straw hats handlebar moustaches were as brash as possible to attract attention at fashionable waterside events.  Not much has changed, although these days we do produce ladies club blazers too – and not just for rowing clubs either.

Cricket Blazers

This uniquely British sport demanded a uniquely British dress code, and so the traditional cricket blazer was born to compliment the whites worn on the field of play.  Local and national cricket teams have always taken great pride in their formal wear as befits a gentleman’s sport, and so the blazer designs of many clubs have long and distinguished histories.  Club Colours have supplied countless cricket uniforms over the years, from cheap club blazers for local village sides, to high level teams throughout the world.

Rugby Blazers

The sport of rugby has a long and proud heritage, and each rugby blazer from Club Colours inspires pride and passion in ones’ team.

Club Colours will give you team wear and club uniforms you can all be proud to wear, identifying yourself with the company you are associated with. Bespoke logos and badges will make the final touches to the custom made blazers that we can provide for each of you.