Blazers Highwoodians Dulwich Air Cadets

Gentlemen in Grey, Black and Yellow Blazers

Wonderful to see these beauties in action yesterday at the Highwoodians first outing of 2019!

The Highwoodians of Dulwich air cadets, wanted gold, light blue & black striped blazers with matching lining  which look incredible.


With a fantastic message from the Highwoodians very own Kevin Mehmet MBE:

Dear Club Colours,

Thank you for a fantastic job.  The blazers are superb!  They all fit well and are well made and at an incredibly reasonable price.  At the fist outing on 30th January, the blazers creating quite a stir; attracting many admiring comments.  Please find a picture with a caption of the team.  Thank you again for a great job well done!

– Kevin Mehmet MBE, Chairman, Dulwich Air Cadets.