The Camaraderie of Teamwear

What is it about having a corporate identity that we appreciate?  Is it just for the sake of being able to differentiate between team players, identify colleagues or to advertise a certain club, team or merchandise?

While a lot of companies make use of corporate clothing for their employees to use and wear, teamwear boasts a slightly different reason for employing this tradition. Just thinking of the many sports teams that are identified simply by the colour of their shirt, testifies to the fact that adorning your team in the same identifiable clothing is affective in marking people in categories, into groups, and therefore into teams.  The same is true of corporate clothing worn by those employed by a firm.  However, where a business may wish employees to be easily identifiable for the sole benefit of customers and any possible clients, giving the company an overall look of professionalism and orderliness, teams sometimes even allow for others to affiliate themselves with their group, by making the teamwear accessible to the fans as well. Why is that?

Fans are otherwise known as ‘supporters’ or ‘followers.’  To be a fan is defined as having a strong interest in and devoted admiration of something.  When a team is about to play, fans adorn themselves in custom teamwear, in order to clearly mark themselves as a supporter.  They cheer and sometimes shout from the side lines, making it as clear as possible that they are here to applaud their team’s efforts and encourage them to win, or at least try their very best to.  What effect does this kind encouragement have on a team?

Whereas the cheering, clapping and even singing has no relation really to the outcome of the game, motivation and joy, felt amongst the team members, may very well change the outcome of the results.  Even if the opposing team are just better at the sport than the team you support, how well the team performs can add to your pride of belonging to such a group of people.  Encouraging self-esteem, as you shout and clap your team members along, proudly wearing one of their shirts, blazers or caps, can provide the motivation for them to never give up, even to the last.

It is only by having the endurance of spirit, that someone can improve their performance.  Giving your team the much-needed encouragement and support, even when they lose, can help the next game to be a more of a success.

Club Colours provide teamwear, UK teams and comrades can proudly wear in support of their team.  As we provide custom made corporate clothing, UK teams can liaise with our staff to create blazers, shirts, ties and caps that would make the team and any supporters easily identifiable.  The corporate clothing, Ipswich based Club Colours make, are of the highest quality and are made to reflect the professional talent and encouraging spirit of the teams who wear them.

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