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Here at Club Colours, we supply sports teams with a range of custom clothing. Not only does this help when playing sports for teammates and spectators to quickly and easily tell teams apart, but it also helps to foster a sense of team spirit amongst club members. As part of our range of sports apparel, we can provide custom-made cricket shirts and jumpers. Focusing on the sportswear worn on the playing field, read on to find out more about how we can help you design your own shirts and jumpers, and discover more about the tradition of wearing them, and the materials we use at Club Colours.


Classic Cricket Jumpers and Shirts


It is thought that cricket has been played as a sport since the middle ages. Through this history, it has strong ties with its associated sportswear. Whilst people have generally worn uniforms to show their commitment, belonging and affiliation to something for centuries, there is a classic look that is synonymous with cricket, defining the sport as we know it. Known as either cricket whites or flannels, the shirt and jumper are worn together when on the field. Cricket shirts traditionally feature a polo neck, with the jumpers forming a V-neck, which presents the lapels of the shirt. In a classic cream or white colour, cricket jumpers usually feature coloured stripes around the neck, wrists and base of the jumper. It is these colours that represent the team who wear it. The jumpers are worn with either long sleeves or in a sleeveless vest-style, which can depend on the weather as well as each player’s personal preference.


Cricket Jumpers and Shirts at Club Colours


We have been manufacturing and supplying team sportswear for cricket and other sports since 1879. We combine traditional cricket shirts and jumpers with custom elements. Having spent over a century providing cricket clothing for sports clubs, we have gained an excellent reputation for producing quality products. Our jumpers can be made from either 100% wool, 100% acrylic or a blend of the two. They are knitted together on 3½ gauge Harrison machines, yet hand cabled and hand finished for a kit that is both luxurious and practical for team play.


Design Your Own Shirts and Jumpers


When you design your own cricket shirts and create your own custom cricket jumpers, you can select embroidered discs for both items. The shirts are made to feature your own bespoke logo, with our bespoke cricket jumpers featuring embroidered discs being priced separately from the embroidery service itself. Whilst we have a minimum order of six items, we expect you may want to place an order for the whole team, which in cricket consists of eleven players. These orders may be a combination of the long sleeve and sleeveless jumpers. You can also benefit from discounts when you place larger orders and order children’s sizes. Custom cricket shirts from Club Colours start at £16.95 (plus VAT), which can vary depending on the logo.


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To find out more about our range of products, get in touch today by completing our online contact form, or by emailing us at alan@clubcolours.co.uk. Based in Ipswich, in the UK, you can also speak to a member of staff directly by calling us on +44 1473 231378. We will be happy to help you with any queries you may have for us.

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