Custom Wear At Club Colours

Here at Club Colours, we offer a wide choice of custom teamwear. For each type of clothing, you can select from a range of colours, and customise it with your team or company logo or design. We offer everything from casual team wear, where you may choose for members of the team to wear a personalised cap, to more formal attire, such as our range of blazers, in a classic striped colour design. Aside from these stand-out pieces, we also supply cricket shirts and jumpers and custom ties. Whatever your needs, we have many years of experience in the designing and manufacturing items of clothing tailored to your specifications.


Custom Caps


Design your own custom caps, which are available from £27.95 each. In order to customise your caps with your own design, you can select the colours, design and logo embroidery. When you have decided on these details, you may place an order for your custom caps, which can be supplied in bulk and in all the sizes you need. You can choose between a baggy cap style that have been traditionally worn by cricketers, or the more contemporary baseball caps, which are a popular choice of headwear even aside from sports.

Custom Club Ties


We have been offering custom club ties since 1879, capable of producing custom club ties for all designs, in your specified colours. We can also weave your club motif on your choice of tie, whether you go for a standard set of colours or completely bespoke to your team.

Custom Cricket Jumpers and Shirts


For our custom cricket jumpers and shirts, we can add embroidered discs, featuring your own bespoke logo. Our bespoke cricket jumpers that featured embroidered discs are priced separately from the embroidery service itself, and we ask for a minimum order of six items. These can be a combination of the long sleeve and sleeveless jumpers, with discounts for larger orders and children’s sizes. The cost of our custom cricket shirts starts at £16.95 (plus VAT) and can vary depending on the logo.


Custom Blazers


Finally, our blazers can be customised, not only in terms of the colours of the classic stripes, but also the lining. As standard, you have the option to feature your logo or emblem on the breast pocket. You can select from either a wool and cotton woven blazer, or a polyester cotton blazer, with the latter option being more affordable and faster to order. In addition, it’s also possible to order bespoke waistcoats to complement your blazers, and we also have a special range of Rugby Six Nations International Blazers.


Contact Us


To find out more about our range of custom wear, get in touch today by completing our online contact form, or by emailing us at Based in Ipswich, in the UK, you can also speak to a member of staff directly about our customer cricket jumpers and shirts by calling us on +44 1473 231378. We will be glad to help you with any questions you may have for us.