Cricket blazers at Club Colours



Here at Club Colours, we have our mission is to help you create a sense of solidarity and team spirit through our range of sportswear apparel. Focussing on our range of blazers, we will demonstrate how these items can help your team to feel a sense of belonging, with uniforms creating a team identity.

Suppliers of Traditional Striped Blazers

Our blazers are supplied in a traditional striped style, with a range of options. Suitable for both men’s clubs and ladies’ clubs, you can select any colour combination and choose a specific style of stripes, varying the width and so on. Typically including bright colours, you can pick the colours associated with your club, and personalise your blazers with your club logo or emblem, which will be displayed on the breast pocket. You can also select a special lining for your blazer jacket.

Wool/Cotton Woven Striped Blazers

Our wool and cotton striped blazers are made in the UK, and are made bespoke to you. Woven in a striped pattern, these are the most traditional and natural blazers, due to the combination of wool and cotton. As our wool and cotton blend blazers are custom-made, it can take up to 14 weeks to be delivered to your door, from the time we receive your order and deposit.

Polyester/Cotton Striped Blazers

For something more contemporary, we can offer blazers made from synthetic materials. Polyester and cotton striped blazers have an advantage over the cotton and wool blazers as they can be expected to be delivered within just 8 weeks. You may want to select these blazers if you need them faster and can’t wait 14 weeks. Made from a fine herringbone woven polyester, these blazers are off-the-shelf, but can still be customised with your club emblem or logo for an additional cost.

Rugby Six Nations International Blazers

Whatever team sport you need a blazer for, whether cricket or rowing or more, we have the right blazer to suit you. Furthermore, we can provide special rugby blazers for the Six Nations. As this range of blazers is international, prices start at £155 for each individual blazer.

Complementary Waistcoats for Blazers

In addition to the purchase of your blazer, you may want to complete the look with a matching waistcoat. As with our range of blazers, waistcoats can be made totally bespoke to your own design, including your club logo or emblem embroidered onto it. You may choose to match the blazer’s style, or choose an alternate look that still complements your blazer’s design.

Getting the Right Blazer Fit

Pleas complete our size form in order to get the right fit for your blazer. You will need to note some basic personal details, such as contact information and the name of your club, society or association. Measuring your chest/bust, waist, seat and hips, length, sleeves and half your back as you complete the form. The form will guide you as how to carry out each measurement, and the process will ensure that you enjoy the perfect fit of blazer.

Contact Us

To discover more about our blazers, get in touch today by completing our online contact form, or by emailing us at Based in Ipswich, in the UK, you can also speak to a member of our dedicated staff directly about your bespoke blazers by calling us on +44 1473 231378. We will be happy to help you with any queries you may have for us.