Club and Sports Ties – A little bit of Background

If you have ever attended a school, college or any other form of higher educational establishments, or you work in a uniformed organisation, you will no doubt, at some point, have worn a tie.  Where did the idea of wearing a tie originate from? And why are they still a popular choice amongst clubs, business men and other organisations?

Whereas it can be hard to pinpoint the exact time anyone began wearing any sort of fashion attire, most agree that neckties became a universally worn item, especially in Western civilisations, during the 17th century.  Wearing any sort of colour, or material such as jewellery or silks however, dates back further than we can map.  The fact, is that wearing a fabric around your neck can ‘tie’ a whole outfit together, bringing it in harmony with the style and colours you are wearing.  However, wearing a tie can also help to identify what organisation, or persons you are affiliated with.  Interestingly, the idea of club ties seems to outdate the existence of ties worn just for fashion, and were used to identify a particular military regiment or other exclusive membership.  Now however they are also popular, as they provide a smart and tidy finish to the appearance of the wearer.

The fact that such a small, and relatively simple item of clothing can represent a huge number of separate groups makes it still the ideal choice for clubs and organisations today.  Football, golfing, rugby, cricket and hockey clubs have all been known to use the tie when their members are representing their local club at any formal events.

Club ties, UK customers choose often feature the chosen colours of either the locality (county flag colours) or the colour that best represents who they affiliated with.  Whatever institution or area the teams are associated with, will therefore influence the choice of design on their sports club ties and other sporting apparel.  Therefore, whatever choice of ties a club owner or business may decide upon, they will always be unique to the customer.  This means that they will need a company to create bespoke club ties for them.

Here at Club Colours, we have been proudly working with executives, representatives and owners to produce custom club ties every wearer can be proud of.  These ties need to symbolise a membership and branding together to an ultimate goal or cause.  No matter how dramatic that may sound, there is no getting away from the power having teamwear can have on a group’s fellowship and determination.  Just look at some of the team photos available on our website, as well as in other places, to see how proudly they all stand together as one united group.

If you require either some more club ties for sale in the established design you already have, or you want a brand-new design, you can come to us.  Simply order our club ties online and contact us if you need to discuss any specifics.