DRC Hanover Rowing Club Blazers

Royal blue blazers, featuring embroidered club crest with red, white & blue trim have left this week for Gemany for the DRC Hanover Rowing Club one of Germany’s most successful rowing clubs.

German Rowing Club from 1884 is one of the most popular and successful rowing clubs in Germany. Based at the river „Ihme/Leine“ in the capital town of Lower Sachsony in Hanover.

he Club was formed after the War, initially as a result of the merger of the „Rudervein Deutschland“ (Rowing Club Germany, founded 1884) and the „Rudergesellschaft Hanover-Linden“ (Rowing Society Hanover-Linden, founded 1899), two historic Hanover clubs that were together established 1947 into one big Rowing club.

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