Bespoke Blazers – What are the options?

Blazers for school, blazers for work, blazers for clubs! We have all probably, at some point in our lives, worn uniform blazers.  What do you think of when someone mentions bespoke blazers? UK based company, Club Colours have been supplying sports club blazers, corporate clothing, and academic bespoke blazers to clubs around the world since the 90’s. As a result, Club Colours can guarantee not only that their club jackets, blazers and other clothing will be unique, but that they are made to an excellent standard using the best quality materials available.

What does bespoke mean or entail?  Bespoke implies something that is crafted in a specific way for the benefit solely of the intended recipient.  For instance, you may go to a branded clothing store and check out the men’s suits, or look in the women’s clothing department for a jacket or suit.  Here you would expect to find clothing of a high quality, using all new materials.  However, this is available to the masses in the same colour, to the same cut, with the same design and exactly the same logos or labels as every other suit or jacket on the rack.  At Club Colours however, you can commission a blazer all of your own.

Bespoke is defined as being something that is made or designed for the customer or user.  However, Club Colours can do one better than just create something with you in mind!  Club Colours have the ability to take your idea, your thought and your inspiration to create something to your specifications.  For example, you may have a selection of colours that symbolises your company or your team.  So, rather than just a stripped blazer for your rowing club, cricket or rugby club from our store cupboards that looks like the sort of thing you would wear, and then place a name across your breast pocket, we ask you if you would like to use your own designed logo that best represents what your club are all about.  We check what colours you would like and we check the specific fit you require for your club blazers.

However, should you need support in choosing the colours, style and even the logo for your club, then Club Colours have all the experience they need to help you in this regard.

As mentioned above, Club Colours use high quality materials when producing your club jackets, blazers or any of the other items you see on our website.  However, rather than charging the sorts of prices you would expect to pay designer shops without this bespoke service, Club Colours provide refined club blazers, making it affordable and easy for you to purchase all of the clothing you need for your club and team.

Club Colours take pride in making the best items available for you to wear with pride, not just because its your team blazer, but because it’s a beautifully made bespoke blazer.

For more information on purchasing any one our bespoke blazers, UK based Club Colours invites you to contact them today.